Aaaaaaand its gone.


Before I started researching the health effects of beer, I was constantly noticing things I could write about. Articles would constantly be jumping out at me, and grabbing my attention. I figured there was so much there, that it would be the perfect subject for my first English 102 assignment. When it actually came time to look up some academic journals to research, I came across my first problem. One journal had the bulk of my points, and most everything I planned to cite. The homework assignment needed ten sources, and one could do 80% of the research? I was in trouble.

Gathering sources really went downhill after that. A ‘Google Scholar’ search yielded pitiful results, if any at all. A simple ‘Google’ search would lead me to the same answers, even though I’d ask different questions. My hopes were dwindling quickly, as were my aspirations for an A+ on the paper. I was being truly pessimistic about another english paper. As I’m internet surfing, wasting time on reading my sources, I discovered a light at the end of the tunnel.

How Beer Saved the World. I was enthralled, Netflix had saved my essay before it even began to fall apart. Without a doubt this was the best documentary I have ever watched. It had comedic value, interesting facts, and gave a fulfillment which only learning can give. This wasn’t an essay I was forced to write, but one that I chose, one that I wanted. That documentary shifted then to a “Modern Marvels” episode of brewing, which went to the battle between the beer companies. I spent the next four hours ‘researching’ beer, and have just barely scratched the surface.

Post Script: I apologize for making this so sappy and mushy. (Is mushy a good adjective to use?) I’ve been listening to soft classical, solo piano, on Pandora all day, and my writing clearly reflects that. Have a good rest of your day, internet.  

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