Guess who forgot again

So these blogs are supposed to be anything related to our topic. So since writing is the base for our topic, I’m gunna hit that up. Since my primary intended audience is my english professor, this is a straight shout out to you. I suck at these blogs. I’ve forgotten to do this one on time again, and still have to catch up on the others. Its something about blogs, and me not relating it to my academic success, and I just throw it out of my mind. I learn all these great things about beer, and come up with all these ballin’ topics for blog posts (which I guess I can do on my late ones.)

Watching the television the other day, I came across a Budweiser ad during Opening Day. The nationalism that stirred in my was uncanny, and all I wanted to go do was American things. Play catch, mow my lawn, and drink a cold one the entire time. It was awesome. Anyways, that idea came to mind, and then I forgot to write about it. I guess I can elaborate in my next blog. Goodnight.

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