Bro, do you even revise?

So during our peer revisions, there was something I constantly noticed when being critiqued. I knew everything they were saying. I probably wouldn’t have admitted it, but whatever they said I had totally thought about prior to. I already had the basic idea down for every bit of a suggestion on what I could write, I just hadn’t put the time into the draft to make it finalized. I mean, hell yeah thanks for the advice, but I think my mentality is the problem. I’m too damn self-absorbed. All of a sudden you start playing quidditch and all of a sudden youre Mr. CoolGuy.

Back to the subject. Walking away from the experience, I felt little incentive to revise. There was no negative feedback, and I just had to draft up some more space on the page. Of course I didn’t go with my instinct. Tomorrow (thanks to the extension provided to me) I’ll be turning in a beautiful essay about 7-8 pages long, and will inspire the audience to go buy a brew, and give a very rude gesture indeed to big beer giants.

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A bad impression

We were discussing our topics the other day in class, and I introduced my idea for the persuasive letter. A rough draft of an idea was to suggest Budweiser put their name directly on different beer styles to promote they do more than just generic shit. I thought it would be a good idea, and that it would support more people into trying their products. But that was my perspective, you have to think about others. I had completely dismissed the fact that people found Budweiser product so disgusting, that other beers would be equally as bad.


See now we can relate the beer to an example. Black Crown was promo’d during the Super Bowl, and I agreed with another student. This beer looks like shit. It looks like a slightly modified Budweiser, that will not taste good at all. And that was quintessential in my hypothesis. They put the Budweiser brand on the beer, instead of say, “Shock Top” and it looks the same as Budweiser. Maybe the association with the big-parent-company should wait a little bit longer…

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Guess who forgot again

So these blogs are supposed to be anything related to our topic. So since writing is the base for our topic, I’m gunna hit that up. Since my primary intended audience is my english professor, this is a straight shout out to you. I suck at these blogs. I’ve forgotten to do this one on time again, and still have to catch up on the others. Its something about blogs, and me not relating it to my academic success, and I just throw it out of my mind. I learn all these great things about beer, and come up with all these ballin’ topics for blog posts (which I guess I can do on my late ones.)

Watching the television the other day, I came across a Budweiser ad during Opening Day. The nationalism that stirred in my was uncanny, and all I wanted to go do was American things. Play catch, mow my lawn, and drink a cold one the entire time. It was awesome. Anyways, that idea came to mind, and then I forgot to write about it. I guess I can elaborate in my next blog. Goodnight.

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I think many would agree that beer tastes good. Annheuser Busch wouldn’t make five billion gallons of beer a year if that weren’t true (that’s not an exaggeration.) But in a blind taste test, consumers CANNOT tell the difference between a bud lite, and a miller lite, 100% of the time. I tested the theory myself at a party, where men had drank miller lite for years since they preferred the taste. I went into another room, and since they only had bud lite, I poured him a half glass, and came out to him. I gave him a 50/50 chance on which one it was, and after careful deliberation, he told me he was positive it was Miller. After ten more people watching me tried out the same exact test, every single person was mistaken (we got some of both to try it out.) Now that’s a very standard beer. Many beer recipes use the basic four ingredients: Hops, malt, water, and yeast. But in American Microbrews, a new fad is coming out. Adding different flavors, such as saffron, chocolate, honey, and many more. Many German Brewers look down upon this, but it is a new fad in America. As I write this essay, I’m drinking a coconut porter. The combination of coconut blends and accents the smokey and full bodied flavor. Its a very sweet beer, and for today’s society that is a huge turn on to the beer market.

My point, is that many people try a Keystone, or a Pabst Blue Ribbon and hate the taste. If you’re going to drink beer for the flavor, don’t buy the cheap stuff. Microbrews across America are inventing and delivering fresh new tastes to beer, and expanding the flavors for every person, and every buyer.

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Its all about the little things

The classes you take in college have a funny way of working around themselves.

Last semester, I ‘read’ the story of Oedipus about three times, and I dominated the other class discussions because I’d already heard them early that week.

Now that I’m in my second semester, the same phenomenon is occurring again. I’m in Biology 100 and am being retaught the basic parts of the cells I learned in high school. The little mitochondria we put a lot of emphasis on in that class, so it stuck with me. And then I started writing my paper for English 102, and it shows up again!

Beer helps prevent mitochondrial dysfunction. For the complete article, leave a comment. Regardless, how convenient that an academic journal I’m citing happens to get very specific on a part of a cell I just learned all the features off. I can combine knowledge both from my paper, and from my other biology class, and wager a top notch argument for the health bonuses of beer.

In anthropology, we were discussing a man who we should all thank everyday. Louis Pasteur invented pasteurization, which shifted our lifestyles today. Thanks to another one of my sources, I learned that Pasteur wasn’t working with milk or water when he started, but beer. He was trying to stop beer from spoiling, and has since gone down in history books.

And lastly, in Western Civilization. When we talked about how when the Europeans came to America, I could argue that they stopped (at today what we call the northern colonies) because they ran out of beer. They couldn’t bring water aboard the vessel, or it would have spoiled on the journey. But beer could make the trip, and they ran out, forcing them to head to land and refill their tankards.

Everything works itself out in the end, and in school there seem to be no loose ends when it comes to what you learn. Even though I’ve procrastinated badly in all my classes, they all connect in one way or the other, and that’s what college is all about. That, and getting drunk. The latter is more student emphasized, rather than academic.

(Post Script: This guy is a tool. But his songs are pretty stereotypical of the college life.)

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A Break From the Traditional

Since I spent all weekend at a tournament, I figure I’d shed some light on my research.


I had planned this weekend for months. Although my arrangements had changed multiple times, I was going to the International Quidditch Association’s, Western Cup IV, in Roseville CA. After the University of Idaho team they said they couldn’t go the to the tournament, I had to find a new team to play keeper for. The Stanford team offered me a slot, but it was quickly shot down by the IQA because I’m not on their official roster. The new plan was to go the the tournament, and just spectate and get drunk the whole time. But I had a problem with the plan, I didnt have a hotel room to stay in, and I couldn’t spend sixty dollars a night to go to a tournament. Once again, a new plan had to be made.


I talked to the captain of the Utah team, and he said they still desperately needed snitches for the tournament, and never doing it once before in my life, I decided to give it a shot! I signed up for as many games as they needed me, (which made the staff love me even more than before) and I had to train. I had two weeks to prepare for the tournament, which I ended up snitching six games the first day (which is a pretty decent amount.)


Now snitches work much differently than in Harry Potter. A person dressed in full gold has a tennis ball inside of a sock attached to their shorts. Its the seekers goal to grab the snitch without touching the snitch runner, but the runner can be as physical as he wants to the seekers. The result is multiple miles ran per game, and extreme contact once the seekers finally catch up to you.



I would have snitched many more games the second day of the tournament, and the championship game, had I not started coughing up blood on Saturday night after the games. I went to the emergency room the next morning after the EMT told me to go, and they found nothing wrong in my chest. They supposed I tore some blood vessels in my throat, and let me go, but I couldn’t continue to play. So I returned to the field, and watched the rest of the amazing tournament. It was a huge letdown I couldn’t play anymore, but nobody would let me once they found out what happened.


Skipping a few chapters, and now that I’m back in Boise, I have a doctors appointment set up this week. Although it isn’t certain what is wrong with me still, I’m still coughing up more and more blood. Only time will tell.


To be continued…


Post Script: Nine hour drive to Roseville on Friday. Wake up at 5:00 both days to help set up. Run for 11 hours on Saturday, 4 hours in the hotel room on Sunday, Nine hour drive back on Monday. End result? Tired as hell, frustrated I don’t know what’s wrong with me, disappointed in myself for getting mysteriously injured, and pretty nervous about details on my injury.

All in all, it was probably one of the best weekends of my life. Absolute euphoria, and hopefully this off topic blog post is pardoned with all the effort I used this weekend.

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Aaaaaaand its gone.


Before I started researching the health effects of beer, I was constantly noticing things I could write about. Articles would constantly be jumping out at me, and grabbing my attention. I figured there was so much there, that it would be the perfect subject for my first English 102 assignment. When it actually came time to look up some academic journals to research, I came across my first problem. One journal had the bulk of my points, and most everything I planned to cite. The homework assignment needed ten sources, and one could do 80% of the research? I was in trouble.

Gathering sources really went downhill after that. A ‘Google Scholar’ search yielded pitiful results, if any at all. A simple ‘Google’ search would lead me to the same answers, even though I’d ask different questions. My hopes were dwindling quickly, as were my aspirations for an A+ on the paper. I was being truly pessimistic about another english paper. As I’m internet surfing, wasting time on reading my sources, I discovered a light at the end of the tunnel.

How Beer Saved the World. I was enthralled, Netflix had saved my essay before it even began to fall apart. Without a doubt this was the best documentary I have ever watched. It had comedic value, interesting facts, and gave a fulfillment which only learning can give. This wasn’t an essay I was forced to write, but one that I chose, one that I wanted. That documentary shifted then to a “Modern Marvels” episode of brewing, which went to the battle between the beer companies. I spent the next four hours ‘researching’ beer, and have just barely scratched the surface.

Post Script: I apologize for making this so sappy and mushy. (Is mushy a good adjective to use?) I’ve been listening to soft classical, solo piano, on Pandora all day, and my writing clearly reflects that. Have a good rest of your day, internet.  

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