Its all about the little things

The classes you take in college have a funny way of working around themselves.

Last semester, I ‘read’ the story of Oedipus about three times, and I dominated the other class discussions because I’d already heard them early that week.

Now that I’m in my second semester, the same phenomenon is occurring again. I’m in Biology 100 and am being retaught the basic parts of the cells I learned in high school. The little mitochondria we put a lot of emphasis on in that class, so it stuck with me. And then I started writing my paper for English 102, and it shows up again!

Beer helps prevent mitochondrial dysfunction. For the complete article, leave a comment. Regardless, how convenient that an academic journal I’m citing happens to get very specific on a part of a cell I just learned all the features off. I can combine knowledge both from my paper, and from my other biology class, and wager a top notch argument for the health bonuses of beer.

In anthropology, we were discussing a man who we should all thank everyday. Louis Pasteur invented pasteurization, which shifted our lifestyles today. Thanks to another one of my sources, I learned that Pasteur wasn’t working with milk or water when he started, but beer. He was trying to stop beer from spoiling, and has since gone down in history books.

And lastly, in Western Civilization. When we talked about how when the Europeans came to America, I could argue that they stopped (at today what we call the northern colonies) because they ran out of beer. They couldn’t bring water aboard the vessel, or it would have spoiled on the journey. But beer could make the trip, and they ran out, forcing them to head to land and refill their tankards.

Everything works itself out in the end, and in school there seem to be no loose ends when it comes to what you learn. Even though I’ve procrastinated badly in all my classes, they all connect in one way or the other, and that’s what college is all about. That, and getting drunk. The latter is more student emphasized, rather than academic.

(Post Script: This guy is a tool. But his songs are pretty stereotypical of the college life.)

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