I think many would agree that beer tastes good. Annheuser Busch wouldn’t make five billion gallons of beer a year if that weren’t true (that’s not an exaggeration.) But in a blind taste test, consumers CANNOT tell the difference between a bud lite, and a miller lite, 100% of the time. I tested the theory myself at a party, where men had drank miller lite for years since they preferred the taste. I went into another room, and since they only had bud lite, I poured him a half glass, and came out to him. I gave him a 50/50 chance on which one it was, and after careful deliberation, he told me he was positive it was Miller. After ten more people watching me tried out the same exact test, every single person was mistaken (we got some of both to try it out.) Now that’s a very standard beer. Many beer recipes use the basic four ingredients: Hops, malt, water, and yeast. But in American Microbrews, a new fad is coming out. Adding different flavors, such as saffron, chocolate, honey, and many more. Many German Brewers look down upon this, but it is a new fad in America. As I write this essay, I’m drinking a coconut porter. The combination of coconut blends and accents the smokey and full bodied flavor. Its a very sweet beer, and for today’s society that is a huge turn on to the beer market.

My point, is that many people try a Keystone, or a Pabst Blue Ribbon and hate the taste. If you’re going to drink beer for the flavor, don’t buy the cheap stuff. Microbrews across America are inventing and delivering fresh new tastes to beer, and expanding the flavors for every person, and every buyer.

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