A bad impression

We were discussing our topics the other day in class, and I introduced my idea for the persuasive letter. A rough draft of an idea was to suggest Budweiser put their name directly on different beer styles to promote they do more than just generic shit. I thought it would be a good idea, and that it would support more people into trying their products. But that was my perspective, you have to think about others. I had completely dismissed the fact that people found Budweiser product so disgusting, that other beers would be equally as bad.


See now we can relate the beer to an example. Black Crown was promo’d during the Super Bowl, and I agreed with another student. This beer looks like shit. It looks like a slightly modified Budweiser, that will not taste good at all. And that was quintessential in my hypothesis. They put the Budweiser brand on the beer, instead of say, “Shock Top” and it looks the same as Budweiser. Maybe the association with the big-parent-company should wait a little bit longer…

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