Nectar of the Gods

Well, as cliche as a cheesy introduction is, I find this the perfect time to do it (and only time.) My name is Stewart Driflot, and I am a beer-maniac. Not in the sense that I’m an alcoholic, or that I get trashed every night, but that it’s a hobby of mine. Like the movies in a Blockbuster, there are unlimited options with beer, and each has a unique and bold taste. I want to discover each flavor, and show others it’s more than just drinking carbonated piss.

Beer was once considered Nectar of the Gods in ancient times, and that’s a pretty big deal. In today’s society, you have our stereotypical ‘murican, it’s a common sight to see a man sipping a ‘bud’ and have his beer belly hanging out several inches out of his clothes. It has only been recently, due to the surge of craft beers, that the image is starting to change. Almost any five year old can list off the beer giants in America, but even fanatics couldn’t list off all the micro-brews in the US. Craft beers make about 5% of the sales in America, and that number is steadily rising. But is beer bad for you? Many will say it dehydrates you, they say it will make you fat, kill your liver, and list off countless other problems. But they simply don’t know the plus side of beer.

In today’s world, antibiotics are a a vital part of life. We know of antibiotics starting in 1928 with penicillin, but it didn’t start there. Over 2,000 years ago, ancient Egyptians were getting loads of the stuff. Tetracycline to be exact, which today, is the antibiotic of choice.  But how? If antibiotics weren’t invented until 1928, how were the Egyptians getting so much of it? The answer lies, in beer. With the amount of Tetracycline in the bones of the Egyptians, the only way they could have so much is from a stable food source. Scientists remade several recipes for bread and other foods, but none of them had the modern day wonder-drug. When they finally looked at the recipe for an ancient brewski, the puzzle was finally unlocked. Egyptians drank beer as early from age two, until they died. The ale Egyptians made over 2,000 years ago contained the antibiotic, Tetracycline, which was “invented” in the 20th century. One of the many health bonuses to beer, which is over 2,000 years old.

Before I finish this “Mona Lisa” off, there is one note that I must add. You recall the stereotypical ‘murican, correct? That beautiful watermelon width belly is achieved when we don’t practice what I call, moderation. Beer is healthy, in moderation. Limit your amount (recommended no more than 3 beers a day) and you should be safe. Exercise is important too, just in general, and not strictly related to beer. In fact, when was the last time you went for a jog? Hm? Go run right now. Get off your computer, (now) and go for a two mile run. With dinner, reward yourself with an ice cold lager. That does sounds nice, doesn’t it?

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